Economics homework help. Hi, I need help with essay on An understanding of the term One Man Bridge Operation. Paper must be at least 3750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!This study looks into IMO, COLREGs and the STCW 95, that have laid down regulations and norms that govern one-man bridge operations and these have caused a reduction in the incidents at sea and thereby increased the safety of vessels at sea. Yet, the situation has not been brought totally under control and as seen human fatigue in combination with one-man bridge operation is still a problem area.My humble viewing of the situation and the manner in which this can be addressed runs this way. Incidents at sea due to human fatigue and one man bridge operations is due to the improper manning of ships and the navigation team and the Master of the vessel and the navigation team pay the price even though they are not responsible for the manning policies on board the ship. A minimum complement of four navigation officers and four navigation ratings should be made mandatory on board all seagoing vessels irrespective of the type of vessel, size of vessel and length of voyage. Inspections of ships can be utilized to ensure proper manning of vessels. The fines for improper manning of vessels should be high so as to act as a deterrent. These fines should be imposed on the ship owner or ship Management Company. The quantum of the fine should be similar to those imposed for polluting the environment as this measure has been effective in making tankers wary of polluting the seas. Such steps would cause ships to be manned in an optimum manner and if not remove at least reduce the problem caused by human fatigue and the one-man bridge operation.

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