Economics homework help. You will prepare and submit a term paper on Illegal Actions of Hackers. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Ethical hacking is legal and is conducted when repairing the networks or testing the security level (Schiller, 2010).Illegal actions hacking which is socially acceptableSometimes the actions of the hacker may be illegal but socially acceptable. For instance, hacking into a corrupt government website may be socially acceptable since the hacker is able to disseminate information on unacceptable government dealings to the public. However, the hacker has no permission to access the website hence unauthorized to intrude into the confidentiality of the information which again makes his or her actions illegal. Hacking activities may be legal when authorized by the owner of the system like in case of debugging and repairing a network or when the owner intends to know the security level of the system. Unauthorized hacking without any malicious motive is socially unacceptable and illegal (Schiller, 2010). Importance of commitment in the hacker subcultureHacker subculture can be defined as the community of people focused on exploiting computer and networks security (Schiller, 2010). Commitment of the hacker is important since it defines the main goal and motive of hacking and whether the actions are legal or illegal. The commitment may be unauthorized and illegal like the Black hat hacker malicious activities. The commitment may also to debug or repair security problems which are legal or maybe morally ambiguous and intentional like the gray hat hacker activities (Schiller, 2010).However, hackers have different commitments and motivations according to their motive. All hackers exploit systems vulnerabilities and network loopholes but are classified according to the shade of hat which they “wear” in their hacking operations (Schiller, 2010). Black hat hackers’ motivations are illegal and their commitment to hacking is usually high. They exploit system vulnerabilities for illegal purposes and personal gain or mischief. White hat hacker tests network and computer systems in order to determine how they are vulnerable to attacks and intrusion. Their motivation is to determine the level of system security hence have a legal commitment (Schiller, 2010). They mainly crack their personal systems or those of their employers with permission. The motivation is to enhance the system’s security level. Most companies utilize the services of ethical hacking consultants who are trustworthy (Taylor & Caeti, 2006). Gray hat hackers combine features of both black hat and white hackers (Taylor & Caeti, 2006). Their commitment is not to improve the system security or malicious but they can offer information to black hat hackers who may exploit the system. Their motivation is to seek opportunities to become a white hat hacker. They gain unauthorized access to the network hence their actions are illegal. They disregard the law for their self-interests (Taylor & Caeti, 2006).ConclusionHacking is unauthorized access to computer systems information. Types of hackers include black hat hackers, white hat hackers, and grey hat hackers. White hat hacking is legal and socially acceptable. Black hat hacking is malicious while grey hat hacking is ambiguous.References:Schiller, J. (2010). Cyber attacks & protection: civilization depends on the internet and e-mail. New York. Routledge.Taylor, R & Caeti, T. (2006). Digital crime and digital terrorism. New York. Prentice-Hall.

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