Economics homework help. create a mock-up screen of a “digital dashboard” for your disease surveillance system. Your text includes examples and ideas for such digital dashboards. Include a framework for the display of data based on the algorithm you designed last week, using appropriate graphics, symbols, and words. You may use PowerPoint, Word, Prezi, or a program of your choosing to create the screen. Additionally, you may choose to annotate the mock-up as appropriate.Please save the mock-up in one of the following formats:PowerPoint file: Use “.ppt” extension Word file: Use “.doc” extension Prezi file: Use “.pez” extension PDF file: Use “.pdf” extension Image file: Use “.jpg” or “.gif” extension Rich text file: Use “.rtf” extensionText of last week:Algorithm to Interpret Data In the field of health, an algorithm is an essential factor that relies on the sequences of actions to perform a given task through the processing of information and analysis. The instructions explain some evaluation procedures that happen to be a key determinant of a successful outcome with a final ending point. In assessing the information by using an algorithm, there are some of the indicators that we must analyze so that we can make the process successful. In our case, we are going to identify the important indicators that are necessary for evaluating Multiple Myeloma. The first indicator is the availability of relevant data or information. The end results and the surveillance regarding the outcome of multiple Myeloma is one of the major pointers that we must look into so as to come up with the correct results. The claims regarding the disease create major foundations for useful analysis so that it can be possible to perform the task. The second indicator is the design of the study concerning Multiple Myeloma. There must be accurate and sensitive information regarding the available data and the current data so that we can classify the Multiple Myeloma. The logical process of the algorithm involves four stages. The first step is to design which includes proper identification of the issue and observation it so as to understand. The second process is analyzing the effectiveness of the code in solving the problem. The third process is implementing the coding and writing for the purpose of the last step. Experimentation is the final phase, and it includes examining various variables that we found in the writing and coding Interpretation of Data phase. Another salient feature of the algorithm is conducting a preliminary algorithm procedure that involves a high-level step so as detect the significant difficulties (Basu, 2005). The strengths of an algorithm are; it represents a solution to a problem by identifying the key steps making it easier to understand, it has definite steps, and it uses an independent language to program. The limitations of an algorithm are; it consumes a lot of time to develop one phase. Interpretation of Data References Basu, S. K. (2005). Design methods and analysis of algorithms. New Delhi: Prentice-Hall of India Private Ltd. Harris, L. J., & United States. (1977). Algorithms for health planners. Santa Monica, CA: Rand.

Economics homework help