Economics homework help. Write a 1 page essay on Analyzing an Artist””””s Process.She re-sculpted her image through licking the chocolate and drew it from the mold. She licked the front up to the nose through the mouth, on the eye and back over the ears to the bun as well as around the neck and down the back. The creative process focuses on the scope of conceptual structure Antoni made. Licking the artistic piece covered in chocolate meant something. Further, washing herself in soap also has a meaning to art. She feels comfortable with the rigor engaged in developing the conceptual structure.In creating ‘Touch’, Antoni hooked up a wire onto a tractor’s backhoes. The goal was to use the shovel in motion to have the wire settle onto the horizon. She dug a positioning hole where the cameraperson would capture the shot in the camera line-up (Antoni, 2013). When she walked, Antoni could appear as though to touch the horizon. Antoni insists that the idea was developed from the thought about impacts of the horizon to the human

Economics homework help