Earth Sciences homework help. For each of the first four issues, you will complete a short essay that answers a question about that issue, using the sources and lecture materials that we have covered in class.Source 1 The Grand Canal and the Flourishing of Chinese Civilization(Steven solomon )Source 2 New World, New Foods         ( Tom Standage)Source 3 The Corpse in the Garden :Burial,Health,and the Environment in Nineteenth-Century London (Peter Thorsheim)Sources should be cited using Chicago style, and the paper should include a Bibliography. Each paper should be between 850 and 1000 words in length. Issue Paper TWO should address the following question(s):In what ways did the “Columbian Exchange” re-shape global consumption patterns from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries? What cultural or political perceptions have driven resource consumption or conservation over the last 500 years of human history? Use at least three examples from our lectures and other course materials.

Earth Sciences homework help