Earth Sciences homework help. Need an argumentative essay on Human resources paper. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.Judgements based on the individual’s status are known to have a negative impact on those individuals with high status. This is because those who perceive themselves to have higher status than others will demand to be treated differently from those with lower status.Reducing status differences among individual is a good and important way to address the issue of individual productivity based on status. I believe more god results can be found as status is seen to have an impact on job satisfaction and procedural fairness at work. Individual’s sensitiveness with regard to approval ratings means that the moment they are made to feel inferior, automatically their self-esteem becomes broken. This mostly have a greater effect on those who posses high value status. Thus reducing this phenomenon will help cushion them in the event of them being made to feel less deserving (Lyndah et al, 2009). Personality problems too can arise when high status individuals too feel badly treated- like getting angrier or not engaging in future associations with those persons who treated them unfairly.In an exclusive study, we conducted on salespersons of electronics’ shop, we asked them how they feel when their managers and supervisors treated them according to jobs. Many said they felt mistreated while others said they felt greatly undermined more than their colleagues who had higher status than they did. This in essence showed the disparities that occur when there is an acute difference in terms of status. While it has been showed by other similar studies and research, the phenomenon is inappropriate. Human resource managers need to identify with this problem and find ways of solving it, because it has a direct impact on employee work morale. It is only fair to work in an equal environment where individuals are of equal status, where

Earth Sciences homework help