Earth Sciences homework help. Compose a 1500 words assignment on homelessness as a social problem in the united states and in canada. Needs to be plagiarism free! The number of homelessness in the United States seems to be high than in Canada but when homelessness is considered per capita. the United States is lower than in Canada. Homelessness is mainly described as per children, elderly, families or even single individuals and thus why they have a common status of homelessness. Based on this social issue that is experienced in many countries, governments have come up with strategies to deal with the issue in an amicable way. Currently, to eliminate this social problem, most countries have come up with a national housing policy. For example, in 2008 Canada among the G8 countries was the only country which had not started national housing policy so deal with homelessness since it is a social problem. As compared with the United States which is a G8, Canada has a national housing policy which is concerned with housing issues of the residents (Dupis, 2000). To eliminate this social problem of homelessness then an active national housing and homelessness policy need to be restructured by the Canadian federal government and thus the number of homelessness will be reduced like in the case of United States. As stated earlier, Canada is the only country among the G8 countries which does not have a national housing policy. However, it does not mean that the United States does not have a housing crisis. Though the United States has a national housing policy, the social problem of homelessness is triggered by drug addiction and mental health problems. These factors play a major role in increasing homelessness crisis in the United States although the country has a mechanism it uses to deal with the homelessness crisis. Due to this problem, the United States has come up with another strategy which is enacted by Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH) with an initiative housing first philosophy.&nbsp.

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