Earth Sciences homework help. Compose a 1750 words assignment on auditing of mobile streams. Needs to be plagiarism free! This means that if working in Argentina in its native currency, even then its results will have to be shown in UK pounds during consolidation.Pressures of low cash flow might have instigated the Mobile operators to show a better position in terms of revenue. This is possible by incorrect application of the currency rates. The company must follow the rates at the time of the transaction. Mobile might commit such intentional mistake because of its exposure in Argentinian currency by 150% (3,687 [2013] – 1,469 [2012]) and Pound got strength against Peso by18%. On top it, Mobile has not indulged in any hedging (Mobile Streams, 2013b). Mobile’s huge quantum of transactions allows it to accumulate the transactions and then translate them at the rate, which is favorable. There is a possibility of a non-detection of such fraudulent reporting due to a shortage of time and volume of transactions (IFAC, 2009).A company is normally seen as a going concern when it does face the liquidity crisis. Although the company has shown an increase in revenue by 145%, it has not been able to generate cash flows (Mobile Streams, 2013a). The cash flow generated from operating activities has decreased by 5% (2013: £1,186 mn. 2012: £1,247 mn) (Stream, 2013). Although the company has maintained the same payable days’ cycle of 50 days, its liabilities as at year-end to be paid in the next 6 months have increased significantly. Liabilities to be paid in 6 months have increased by 42% from 3,774 mn in 2012 to 5,390 mn in 2013 (Mobile Streams, 2013). The argument that the corresponding increase in receivables of 550% is sufficient to improve the liquidity of the company is not credible enough (4.574 mn in 2013 – 0.684 mn in 2012). 85% of the outstanding balances are just 3 months old balances and will take some time to realize (Mobile Streams, 2013b). 73% of the cash is blocked in Argentina. The company is not able to pay dividends to its shareholders. In 2012, no dividend was paid either. All these factors indicate that the Mobile is going through a liquidity crisis, which may cast doubts over its going concern assumption.

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