Earth Sciences homework help. Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Business law: Ethical and legal Issues of Doctors Relationship With Drug Companies.nt care is the ultimate responsibility of the physician, as led by physicians’ professional code of conduct, which was apparently being compromised by the conflict of interest that the drug industry was presenting against the integrity physicians.The main cause of concern in the practicing of competent pharmacy is the common interest that the two parties (physicians and pharmacy industry) share. While the physicians deal directly with their patients, the pharmaceutical companies deal with the pharmacists with a connection through the products. Pharmaceutical companies target the physicians, with an aim of increasing their products consumption by influencing the prescription patterns and ordering of these products by medical institutions. Drug promotions take a different direction when the conflicting interests of the parties compromise the ethical duties that the physicians have over their patients. Commercial pressure from the pharmaceutical industry is exerted to the drugs end users, creating a serious risk to the quality of health services offered2.Government laws include False Claims Act that allows the public to launch legal action against fraudulent pharmacists, in case evidence can be adduced to attest to the claims. The Medicare and Medicaid Patient Protection Act, formerly Antikickback Statute provides for the incrimination of improperly obtained reimbursements from the referral or recommendation for purchase medical goods and services. Stark Law provides for the incrimination of physicians’ patients referrals to certain facilities where they have financial interests.Collateral consequences on pharmaceutical companies failing to comply with the provisions of the Antikickback Act include the imposition of government reimbursements ban for five years. Medical supply companies facing such collateral consequences are technically wiped out of the pharmaceutical industry. Further medical supply contracts to the government by the company are cancelled.

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