Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. Need an research paper on a detailed analysis of the impact that supervision of midwifery has had on my practice. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. It is mostly the midwives who decide as to when to refer a complication to the specific experts and specialists. Midwives are also required to act as sort of advocates to the women under their care, who are to always assure that the women under their care always retain a sense of control and participation in the complete experience related to childbirth. In that perspective, the supervision of midwifery is an essential aspect of this profession that is by its very nature bound to yield positive results. A supervisor not only supports and aids a midwife in improving the care extended to a woman but also help the women going through the overall experience of childbirth, in a variety of ways. I must say that the supervision of midwifery certainly had a positive and encouraging impact on my practice.It goes without saying that midwives, like other healthcare professionals, tend to be systematic, careful, and methodical in their approach towards practice (Edwins 2008). However, once one comes to place at the back of one’s mind the fact that one is being supervised by a more experienced and astute superior, it automatically nudges one to bring in that extra caution and professionalism in one’s practice, which certainly goes a long way in assuring high quality and positive results. The supervision of midwifery has certainly brought into my practice the extra onus to extend a safe provision of maternity care (Kirkham 1996). This has also facilitated me with an essential and thorough framework that guides me in my practice and professional life.The supervisors stand to be an excellent and fundamental addition to a plethora of other primarily theoretical resources always accessible to a midwife (Kirkham 1996). The supervision of midwifery has provided me with a reliable and credible framework, within which I can operate to explore and create positive benefits that I intend to pass on to the women under my care.&nbsp.

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help