Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. Write 7 pages thesis on the topic role played by united nations agencies in support of organization mission. Two of those agencies are the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).?The World Health Organization (WHO)This agency was convened in 1948 and the basis of its office in Geneva, Switzerland. It is mandated to uplift the international public health (World Health Organization, 2015). It addresses this matter across borders to ensure proper health for the inhabitants of the planet.The agency has special priorities that address various areas of health. These include communicable diseases, sexual health, reproductive health, nutrition and healthy eating, food security, occupational health and check on substance use and abuse ( BMJ Publishing Group, 1948). It aims at maintaining the highest level of health.WHO serves as an authority that directs and provides clear-cut criteria in the provision of international health. It ensures smooth coordination among various branches that perform the duties of the organization. As such, the objectives of the agency are met, and the people accumulate benefits in health.The WHO works closely with member governments in the provision of health services. The organization extends assistance where the need is to ensure that everybody is safe across continents. The WHO provides technical assistance to various nations and chip-in in times of emergencies and epidemics (Shimkin, 1946). The recent Ebola outbreak has seen a quick reaction from the organization. Affected nations especially those in Africa have been supported, and some aid is still extended over there. We realize that there is a spirit of international cooperation that is the main mission of the UN. The less abled nations are supported financially to better their services to people. Ebola has largely hit West Africa, and all eyes are focused over there. Emergency services are now a key element in those areas.It is paramount to note that the WHO aspires to meet the UN’s overall goals. It has always tried to maintain close collaboration with the UN and other specialized agencies.

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help