Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. A gear and shaft with nominal diameter of 1.5 in are to be assembled with a medium drive fit,as specified in Table 7–9. The gear has a hub, with an outside diameter of 2.5 in, and an over-all length of 2 in. The shaft is made from AISI 1020 CD steel, and the gear is made from steelthat has been through hardened to provide Su 100 kpsi and Sy 85 kpsi.(a) Specify dimensions with tolerances for the shaft and gear bore to achieve the desired fit.(b) Determine the minimum and maximum pressures that could be experienced at the interfacewith the specified tolerances.(c) Determine the worst-case static factors of safetyguarding against yielding at assembly forthe shaft and the gear based on the distortion energy failure theory.(d ) Determine the maximum torque that the joint should be expected to transmit without slip-ping, i.e., when the interference pressure is at a minimum for the specified tolerances.

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help