Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. Write a 6 pages paper on employment laws and hrm strategy. HRM strategy refers to a particular approach that is used in the management of human resources with the aim of providing a strategic framework to support short and long term strategies of an organization (Dessler, 2010). Employment law is one of the essential functional areas that provide organizations with the foundation for effective development of workforce that will support the organizational goals and objectives (Moran, 2007). In order to have a better understanding of the subject of employment laws and HRM strategy, this essay will apply the employment laws of the Virginia State to one of the HRM strategy problems. In particular, the essay will apply the employment laws of the Virginia State on the HRM strategy problem of introduction of new technology for employees who may experience physical limitations.The subject of physical limitations of employees is one of the most comprehensive in the employment laws in the United Constitution. This issue is covered under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), as well as under the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEOA) (Walsh, 2012). The ADA is designed to protect the rights of people with physical limitations including in the employment environment. This Act provides framework within which people with physical limitations can fully access and participate in all aspects of employment. It requires that employers should provide facilities and means through which employees with disability can access and participate in activities with as little difficulty as possible. The Act requires that the employer should do enough to remove the barriers that might deny people with disability with equal opportunity in accessing and using the facilities and services within an employment set up (Dessler, 2010). The provisions of the ADA are enforced by the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help