Forecasting is an essential tool used by health care administrators to develop objectives and project plans.

Find a hospital website that has a mission statement. In one post of 150 words or more, include the following:

  • Post the name, location, and website link of the facility.
  • Develop two objectives for the facility. Explain why these objectives are essential to the success of the facility.

Please use Mercy Hospital, Iowa City IA

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Mission statement: The mission statement, although usually published online for anyone to access, is generally intended for the employees of the organization. It gives them a “guide” to understand their purpose, or what they want to achieve. It tries to take the community’s needs and give a guide, to help employees to action. It is more general and the goals and objectives are created from the mission. According to the site referenced below, there are 7 elements to a good mission statement:

·  Key values and beliefs