Computer Science homework help. I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Personal Learning and Development Focusing on the Concepts. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This exercise is more like self-analysis and learning.There are several ways of personal learning. A person can learn from university, practical learning, corporate training, workshops, seminars and audiovisual aids etc. As the topic suggests reflective learning is a process when learning takes place as a reaction to some incidence already happened. Like seeing a colleague taking coffee from dispenser new employee may learn this.The sources can be many of reflective learning. It can be peers, certain condition or situation, consequences of action, television a normal discussion or many other things. Sometimes we not even understand that we have learnt something new unless we apply it somewhere else. Learning is a life long process. It never stops. The learning curve can be sloppy or steep but it never flats till the man is alive. Every day we learn something, something which is new or maybe we knew in the past but have forgotten.After our initial learning years that are our childhood till the time we join the category of earners, we somehow are into a very protective environment. We go to school we learn something which has been decided earlier. A major portion of our learning constitutes that part only. We learn because someone else feels that is good for us. But as time passes, we ourselves start making decisions about what we want to learn and why, for example, I want to learn music because I like it or I see my future here.The organization, where we work, is itself an institute. The teachers are our colleagues, superiors, subordinates, culture, policies, pressure and circumstances. So far whatever we had been doing was for ourselves but in the organization, we become a part of the success or failure of combined efforts. The task is broken in pieces. We need to have more communication, clarity and team spirit to complete all the pieces of the task as desired.

Computer Science homework help