Computer Science homework help. Need help with my writing homework on Father Tribute Speech. Write a 1000 word paper answering; From the first day I came into this world, he has been my side and never left. Despite all the things I have put him through, he still stood by my side as I grew up. He is the cornerstone of our home. In a family of three sisters and my mom, he is the pillar that holds us together.Every living creates from my dog to fish is female. The way he manages to hold us together goes beyond words. Despite the hell my other sisters and I cause at home, I just don’t understand how he still manages to maintain his sanity as a kind-hearted man. His kindness is not only to us, but he extends to other people. I just don’t know why he treats us in a loving and caring manner all these days.Despite living in a close neighborhood, he will still greet anyone he meets even when he does not know them. No matter the type of person or role you hold, he accords everyone with the same respect. At this age, I am becoming aware of the man he is and the person I am becoming because of him.It is becoming clear of the sacrifices he had to make for our family’s sake. His care and love have shaped me into the person that I am today. I just thank God for sending a dedicated and caring dad our way. It is through his daily actions that I have learned the meaning of love. I also understand the true meaning of making sacrifices, hard work, and success. Apart from being a loving dad, he has become a friend to rely on. My mission is to be half the parent that my dad has shown in my life. Our dad has been a shield in our life while accepting the person we are today. Since childhood, he has shown immense support for all the interests we take in our lives. He has been there throughout the journey from boxing, dancing to tennis. No matter the time of day, our dad will be right beside us as a guide.My dad played a critical role in developing my passion for golf. I just don’t know how I came to love the sport. As a child, I accompanied my dad on the golf course as I rode along with the golf cart. Each time I spent with my dad grew my passion for golf, which is the best golfer around. I saw how far he could drive the ball with each shot. At one point, while hanging with my dad at the golf course, I drew the ball farther than him. After taking his second shot, his show was still not close to mine. Despite my competitive nature, I will not let it happen again to give him pride. From that point, it was not about beating my father at his favorite sport. It was the moment I knew my dad was proud of me. I feel that my dad does not understand how much I appreciate him in my life, and all he has done for me. Every step of the way, my dad has been with me all through.He has been through thick and thin with me. My father is the one that taught me how to walk and talk. He also guided me on learning how to ride a bike and drive a car. My father kept me motivated through each phase of my life, proving how proud he was of me. Many mind find such words as plain, but it means a world to me. My goal in life is to ensure that my parents are proud of me and never feel disappointed. However, I feel that my dad does not understand the extent I am proud of him. The way he always put our family first makes me feel proud of him. My dad is always there to lend a helping hand when I need him. His sense of humor makes me proud of him and how he uplifts everyone around him. He makes the family pull through even during thick times.However, his childhood was not that rosy having to grow with a father only. Despite the challenges in his childhood, he still manages to be a kind-hearted man that supports his family no matter what. I am proud of the commitment to ensure every night I was tuck in my bed with a kiss on my forehead, wishing me sweet dreams. I just don’t know if he understands how much that feeling got me through the day. There are many reasons why I am proud of my dad with all the accomplishments in our life. Even with his age, I know there is much can achieve in life with each passing day. He did an incredible job of raising my other two sisters also. I want to thank him for all the love and support he has shown us each day, and thanks for being a wonderful dad.My dad, Rich, is one of the best worlds in the world. My father has been with me through thick and thin each day. Throughout our years, he has always taken care of me. He has shown me the level of respect by making important decisions. He has shown me a level of respect throughout my life, and I correspond to them. In case the world was ending today, my dad would drop anything for our family. Every day above the ground, I find it a blessing for my background and me. I feel heavily blessed and proud to be granted such a gift in my life. I feel that this father tribute speech essay is the best way I can show my love for my dad. Even if I had it another way, I could never choose another dad in my life. The person I am today is because of the care I receive because of my dad. I don’t think of another life from this one. Apart from being a dad, he also doubles up as a mentor, hero, and friend.

Computer Science homework help