Computer Science homework help. Class: Critical Evaluation of Research and Theory Topic of Essay: Propose the Problem or OpportunityDescribe the problem or opportunity that you plan to      use for your Portfolio Project (please note, your problem or opportunity      may change as you develop your project). Explain how you plan to find information related to       your project. What professional publications, industry/trade       associations, or government agencies are relevant to your search? What other resources are available? Please note any issues you encountered in your      search. What helpful hints could you share with your       colleagues to assist in finding information? List any articles, reports, studies, or other       sources you found in your initial search. You should list at least three       credible sources. Use APA reference style. (Please note, these sources do       not have to be cited in your proposal.) Remember to address all above requirements thoroughly and thoughtfully. Your listed sources should be published within the last five years.The entire proposal should be well written, formatted according to the APA format, and be 2 pages in length not including the required references page.

Computer Science homework help