Computer Science homework help. Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Respond latter.The movie includes all the main incidents of Gandhi’s life. It starts with the assassination of Gandhi and then playbacks the whole life story. Once in South Africa, he is thrown out of train despite having the ticket, just because he is an Indian. Thereby Gandhi decides to start a non violent protest for the rights of Indians.After depicting his victory in South Africa, the film illustrates Gandhi’s further life in India. He is urged to return India and requested to lead the nation for its independence. Gandhi holds the command of nation really well without compromising with his rules and regulations of non violence, the only reason for saying him as the national hero. Along with his mass supporters he faces some setbacks of imprisonment during this period.The movie very willingly represents the various associate movements such as Satyagraha, Dandi march, Swedeshi movement initiated by Gandhi to tunnel up the British rule. The movie intentionally includes the mass gathering addressed by Gandhi. Eventually gaining the support of Indians he succeeds to get freedom from colonial rule.One of the notable criticisms against the film was that Attenborough’s Gandhi was seriously biased, pro-Hindu film. According to the critics, it surreptitiously exalted Hinduism and portrayed Gandhi’s religious convictions as of an average Hindu. In the same way, it also abased Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Muslim participation in the freedom movement as if they were religious fanatics who caused the separation of the nation.However, some are of the opinion that the film was discreet enough regarding the religious aspects illustrated throughout the life evens of Gandhi (Markovits, 29). The same was the idea that I personally felt as viewing the film Gandhi. Gandhi was not involved in any of the religious practices. instead, his ideology was that of an egalitarian who cherished love above all and was imbued with the scriptures of all

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