Computer Science homework help. Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Timed.Individuals within the hard sciences would point to the fact that the World Wide Web has promoted education and prompted a level of dialogue and discussion that would otherwise be constrained to specific scholarly journals. In terms of political science and governance, the World Wide Web has created a dynamic in which democracy and freedom of expression has come to be something that is expected by many individuals throughout the world. Furthermore, in terms of equality, gender rights, and the prevalence of violence, the Internet has assisted in seeking to reduce stereotypes and promote a more thoughtful level of engagement with respect to the individual rather than the group that they are supposed to be a member of. In short, the Internet has been a transformative force on each and every level. so much so that societies that have engaged with a high level of Internet use are invariably those that are among the most educated and fastest developing. However, all of this leads to a fundamental question. namely what the impact of the web has for the developing world.Firstly, with respect to issues of education, the impact is extremely powerful. Inquiring minds, educational facilities, and institutions within developing countries can provide invaluable resources to those that seek further education within their own sphere. Taking an example of rural schools within India or South Africa as a case in point, the reader can quickly appreciate the fact that these students have a wealth of resources, if they are connected to the web, that they might not otherwise have as a function of their own government education program or the texts/materials that they are required to read and understand as a function of their studies (Simons, 1998).Another relevant impact that the web has for developing countries is contingent upon the way in which it creates a further level of health understanding. both

Computer Science homework help