Computer Science homework help. See attached file for a better version of question.Assume that the Sun formed out of an interstellar cloud of initial density n = 1 cm-3 andmagnetic field B = 3 x 10-6 Gauss, in a time 107 yr.a) What should the magnetic field of the Sun be today if flux-freezing remained validduring star formation? Estimate (approximately) the magnetic energy of the Sun underthese conditions in units of the initial magnetic energy of the protosolar nebula (cloud).(Assume spherical contraction.)b) The Sun’s mean magnetic field is observed to be ~ 10 Gauss. What fraction of the initialmagnetic flux and initial magnetic energy does this represent? What is the mean rate ofdissipation of magnetic energy (in erg/sec)?c) Given the observed value of the Sun’s magnetic field, estimate the magnetic energy andcompare it to its gravitational potential energy. So, do magnetic forces contributesignificantly to the support of the Sun against gravity? (The Sun’s mean density andradius are ?Sun ? 1 g cm-3 and RSun ? 7 x 1010 cm.)

Computer Science homework help