Chemistry homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the phenomenology of spirit by hegel. The spirit has undergone several phases and had to change along with the ways of the world. The author here implies that the various changes undergone by the world have affected the spirit of mankind. It is the nature of the spirit to keep itself updated with time and move forward – “Spirit is never at rest but always engaged in moving forward” (Hegel, 6). Therefore it needs to dissolve its past and work on its transformation. The spirit knows how and where it needs to change. For instance, we know that a man learns to form his mistakes made in the past. This process of learning comes from past lessons and working of the mind to influence the actions of the person concerned. It is the spirit, which needs to change in order to make a permanent impact on an individual’s lifestyle and activities. Developments around the world are multifold. There are changes in power, technology climate and even the cultural and social environment. If an individual does not change himself according to the demands of time, it will not be possible to sustain in that setting for long. The core factor here is the spirit or the soul of the person. It is the adaptability of the soul that matters. For instance, with technological development, a person needs to learn new skills and reject old methods of work. However often the technical demands might be at conflict with the soul or the spirit of the person. It is the spirit, which gives us the zeal to work. If this spirit lacks somewhere then the need to change will not be met successfully. Therefore the adaptability of the spirit and its control over the mind and soul is important to realize an individual’s ability to suit the needs of the time. It might be expected therefore that the spirit, in its true form, records a past mistake and with time does away with it and rectifies the actions of the man.

Chemistry homework help