Chemistry homework help. Need an argumentative essay on Fianl Paper. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no are five cover articles gathered under the clinical field, in which they tackled on the different mental problems and its ways of overcoming it through medical or therapeutic treatments. Thirdly, there are six cover articles gathered under the behavioral field, in which they tackled on the different behavioral tendencies among people. Lastly, there are three cover articles gathered under the field of learning psychology, in which they tackled more on the role understanding and acquiring knowledge among people. Hence, the gathered cover articles were classified according to their content as it is related to the particular field in psychology.Furthermore, based on the gathered cover articles, the most dominant field in psychology that has been published in Time Magazine is the field in cognitive psychology, followed by behavioral psychology, clinical psychology, and the learning psychology. The cognitive psychology in the covered articles usually provides information with regard to the human brain and its function especially the role memory and human intelligence. Accordingly, the covered articles under cognitive psychology focused more on new research in explaining differences in gender and also in age.The Time Magazine had provided a number of psychological concepts and principles as cover articles. Most of the cover articles are not directly quoted to psychology but can be concluded as part in a broad field of psychology. Aside from the cognitive field, clinical field, behavioral field, and learning psychology, the Time Magazine has also published cover articles from different fields in psychology such as developmental, social psychology, industrial psychology, and other fields in psychology. Hence, the principle of psychology does not only tackle a minimal number of fields, but also different fields that have increasingly gained popularity in the public awareness through researches and articles published in different

Chemistry homework help