Chemistry homework help. Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on lab 10. GLOBAL WARMING Global warming is the most debated topic in the recent years, which is caused due to the increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface. Craven’s argument in regard to the issue provides a worst outcome due to the affects of global warming, while it is also uncertain that the actions taken would be worth enough to combat increasing levels of temperature on earth’s surface. The consequences of global warming are far more dangerous than the cost incurred due to the significant actions taken to abate the climatic changes, but one cannot ignore the economic crisis which exists even after several safety measures considered or not considered. Craven’s overall approach in regard to the global warming is most uncertain and not totally acceptable. The causes of the global climate change are different as some believers say it is caused by humans while skeptics believe it to be the natural changes considering the sun mostly. If the climate change is due to sun, it would result in major global depression as we cannot bring about the desired changes in nature (sun) thus incurring global depression. But if it is caused due to humans then it is liable to take desired actions to combat the issue. The reason for not accepting the overall argument provided by Craven is on the mere fact that the causes of global climate changes are still unclear. Once the cause of the climate change is determined, it would be easy to take the respective action that is when the Craven’s approach would make a lot more sense. The main action that probably can be taken to overcome the changes caused due to sun would be to adapt new ways of survival. it might not seem to be logical to take action against sun. But considering the climate change due to humans can be overcome by taking the desired action. The idea behind Craven’s view however lies mainly in spreading a word to every human being to take certain action to combat global climate changes only if it’s caused by humans.Science is uncertain by its nature. it is the responsibility of every human being to take certain preventive measures by bringing about minor changes in their living habits. It would take a very long time for the scientists to conclude about the cause and prevention of the climate changes by then the situation might turn out to be worst. Hence, it is better to allow the scientists perform their calculations and we humans work simultaneously without considering the scientific conclusions to certain extent. The debate whether the cause of global climate change is by humans or the nature should not be considered but instead consider it as human beings responsibility to save the earth. Some of the simple actions that could be considered are usage of reusable products, insulate the house to reduce amount of energy consumption, driving efficient cars less frequently to save gasoline, using energy efficient products and planting trees. These measures would be surely helpful to make the world a better place and once the science provides the outcome or solution to prevent this global warming then all the Nations can take the desired actions to work against the abatement of the issue. This would not bring about global economic depression and might also be helpful to lessen the issue to certain extent. however it might not prevent the situation completely.Global warming is all over the news, television channels, movies etc. but there still are certain people who do not believe in the issue though many scientists performed various researches over years to state that earth is in crisis, yet there still are questions concerned to global warming. First what is the main cause of this issue? What actions can be taken to prevent or overcome it? What extent would the global warming occur? What is the impact of global warming? How far we are from this crisis and what would the future climate be? The debate continues while scientists research on the issue to provide answers for the questions and combat global warming.References1) Craven, G. (2007) How It All Ends2) Weart, S. (2008, 8 September) Simple Question, Simple Answer.

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