Chemistry homework help. Write 1 page essay on the topic How does psychology research contribute to health knowledge.The most important aspect of psychology based research that has been most beneficial towards the development of health related knowledge are the various research methods including experimental and correlational research designs which provide immense help in explaining an individual’s behavior and health (French, 2010). These research methods provide assistance in understanding how human health is impacted or changes with the changes in the environment and with changes in the stimuli. For example, the experimental research design helps a researcher in conducting experiment on how different variables such as isolated locations, sunlight and other stimuli impact the health of an individual and in turn this even helps in identifying the changes in behavior experienced by an individual as they come in contact with these stimuli. Such researches help different stakeholders of healthcare profession in dealing with their patients as well as conducting future research that can be more helpful in advancing human wellbeing and health (Nezu,

Chemistry homework help