Chemistry homework help. Compose a 5500 words essay on FACTORS INFLUENCING CHILDREN’S DEVELOPMENT include, ILNESSES, ACCIDENTS,INJURIES. Needs to be plagiarism free!The health professionals have mainly figured out four main factors which are environmental factors, biological factors, early environment as well as experience. Child development process starts from prenatal stage, and so health and nutrition of pregnant women affect the development of the fetus. Proper nutrition,healthy life style like abstinence from smoking or alcohol during pregnancy can reduce the risk of premature birth and infant mortality. The most important phase of a human being is his or her early childhood that should be properly monitored and nurtured for efficient child development. The physical, social and cognitive development during early childhood has strong impact on physical diseases like obesity, heart disease, and also competence in literacy and numeracy. The experiences during early childhood period have lifelong impact on an individual.The focus of this paper is that a nurturing environment where children spend their growing and learning years has a major impact of child development. It is not possible for parents to provide a perfect environment for their children without the assistance of local, national and international agencies. Therefore, government and child care agencies should work in collaboration with families to provide a healthy and nurturing environment for children worldwide. Family is the most important source of experience for children as family members are the ones with whom children spend most of their childhood years, and family members act as mediators between children and the broader environment. An efficient family environment is dependant on social and economic factors. Social factors include education of parents, cultural practices, relations between different family members, and health conditions of family members. Economic factors include employments conditions, wealth and standard of living (Siddiqi, et al, 2007, pp.3-5). Child development is also a natural process

Chemistry homework help