Chemistry homework help. Write a 6 pages paper on questions about managing people. Secondly, by being in the ASEAN region culture plays a big role in terms of dictating how individuals behave. In this region, individuals are expected to think, act and live collectively as members of a family and or group. Those who do not are rejected by society. The dabbawalah organisation provides an environment within which the employees can satisfy both their existence needs and relatedness needs. The sense of belonging, affiliation and meaningful interpersonal relationships is as important as the physiological material needs in collectivist societies such as the Indian society. In the case Sapan Mare confirms this when he states that his family has been in the tiffin business for four generations. It is therefore likely that the tiffin-walahs are driven to increase their performance by the strong affiliation they have and the sense of ownership of the business. Vroom’s Expectancy Theory: Vroom’s expectancy theory states that motivational force is a combination of valence and expectancy. Valence is the anticipated satisfaction from an outcome whereas expectancy is a perception of the degree of probability that the choice of a particular action will actually lead to the desired outcome (Mullins 2010a).

Chemistry homework help