Business homework help. how do I solve this question? Attached is the question and all the information I was provided.Problem 5: A baseball slugger strikes a pitch and watches the hall sail into thebleachers for a home run, landing h = 5 .5 n1 higher than it was hit. When visiting withthe fan that caught the ball, he learned the hall was moving with ?nal velocity vf= 30.6 mfs at an angle Hf = 32.5” below horizontal when caught. Assume the ball encountered y no air resistance, and use a Cartesian coordinate system with the origin located at thehall’s initial position. @tllccxpcrttaxom Part (a) Create an expression for the hall’s initial horizontal velocity. ”the in terms of the variables given in the problem statement. Expression :9th = Select from the variables below to write your expression. Note that all variables may not be required.meta). waiv).cns(?r).h,r.sin(u), sini¢).8in(0;). 11. 6.114.121. t. if Part (b) Calculate the hall’s initial vertical velocity, “?y! in mis.Numeric : A numeric value is expected and not an expression. v0]. = Part (c) Calculate the magnitude of the baJl‘s initial velocity. v0, in nuts. Numeric : A. numeric value is expected and not an expression.V0 = Part [(1) Find the angle 6’0 in degrees above the horizontal at which the hall left the bat. Numeric : A numeric value is expected and not an expression.?"; =

Business homework help