Business homework help. You will prepare and submit a term paper on How to Attain Success in any Business. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. It is important to make sure that the workforce is satisfied and relating well with one another. A workforce that is well motivated, working as a team, and has a good working environment are all ingredients required for the success of any business. It is upon the management to build any business to ensure that there is teamwork in the organization and that the workforce is motivated. In building employee motivation there is a need for the management to create a strong foundation that should act as the main driving force of the employees. Building a foundation involves revisiting the organization’s mission, vision and objectives. It is important to make sure that all employees are fully aware of the organization’s vision, mission, and objectives. This is important since it gives a guideline on what the organization as a whole is working towards. Additionally, knowledge of the mission, vision, and objectives is important for employees to make a self-assessment to determine if they are in correspondence with individual career goals and aspirations. Correspondence of individual career goals with goals of the organization brings a sense of belonging and therefore there are higher chances of feeling motivated. This should be done frequently by new employees joining the organization in order to ensure that the entire workforce is well motivated. It is upon the management to build a conducive and welcoming atmosphere within the organization in a bid to motivate the workforce. A good working environment motivates employees and there are hardly any cases of absenteeism. This is because a conducive atmosphere in workplaces makes employees feel important and comfortable. It is extremely easy to handle all forms of work-related challenges when employees are in a comfortable environment. The management should ensure that employees feel comfortable to approach them with all questions regarding work.

Business homework help