Business homework help. please help me aswer this questions. thanksWatch the first half of the Mendel’s Peas animation to answer question1 .  (here is the link Punnett squares:a. What information is placed on the X and Y axes of a Punnett square?b.  What information is inside the Punnett square?2. Listen to the Jan 22 2015Invisibilia podcast “How to Become a Batman”  Part 1 from ~ 1minute to ~ 7 minutes then summarize, in a 5 sentence , what you learned.   >here is the link  Watch the lecture capture    then explain how eye color is inherited. >link to video Watch the lecture capture then explain how quantitative inheritance differs from polygenic inheritance.>video link Watch the heritability lecture capture then explain what effect a poor environment has on IQ. >video link

Business homework help