Business homework help. Need help with my writing homework on Age Considerations in Nutrition and Exercise. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Fast food is relatively inexpensive, easy to obtain and requires no preparation, so it is often the main choice for the youngest adults in this age group and for working parents. The youngest adults in this group no longer have parental oversight, so freedom of choice may put them at risk for nutritional deficiencies. Current economic conditions make it difficult for the youngest adults to purchase foods of higher nutrient content, which are more costly. Typically they are juggling part-time jobs, college or technical school and active social lives. The low cost, popularity, and ease of fast foods make it tempting to rely on them solely to meet nutritional needs. This is particularly true when young adults have busy schedules and little time for food preparation. College campuses and fast food eateries could focus on advertising and providing healthier food options, such as fruit salads, yogurt and other products that are lower in cost. While the older adults in the 18-35 group may spend more time selecting foods and may have more money to spend on healthier choices, they may still be faced with managing many responsibilities. Time is often a factor in deciding which foods to prepare for family meals and which foods are avoided. Those with children are responsible for meeting their nutritional needs as well. It becomes more challenging to meet the nutritional needs of an entire family when those responsible do not establish good eating habits as young adults. It is further complicated when adults responsible for the nutrition of others do not have an adequate understanding of nutrition and energy requirements. Various groups use labels to assist consumers of different cultures in the selection of appropriate and desirable food products. There are labels designed by Melbourne Kashrut Pty, Halal Australia, and the Australian Dairy Corporation, to name a few. There is&nbsp.increasing diversity in the foods Australian consumers desire, which further complicates the production and distribution of foods.&nbsp. This can be confusing to interpret for the most competent and educated consumer.

Business homework help