Business homework help. You will prepare and submit a term paper on National Security Agency. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. The agency as well helps the Network Warfare Operations in defeating terrorists and all their organizations, alongside upholding US laws and protecting the privacy and civil liberties (the United States 1).There is a disagreement expressed by two judges and a presidential panel discussed by Adam Liptak & Michael S. Schmidt, as they discuss the opposite conclusions reached by these parties concerning the legality of phone records as used by the agency. The ruling by Judge William H. Pauley in New York was similar to that of Judge Richard J. Leon in Washington University, stating it to be a matter and antimatter. The American Civil Liberties Union is the party that had presented the case expressed their disappointment regarding the decision as an understatement to privacy implications of government surveillance. The justice department, on the other hand, was pleased with the idea that the NSA’s bulk telephony metadata collection was found lawful (Adam & Michael 2). Judge Pauley moreover approved of the importance of the program, citing an argument by a former director of FBI who stated that the program might have caught the hijackers of September 11, 2011, since it would have helped NSA to provide the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the missing information about the where bouts of Al-Mihdhar. Judge Leon in Washington expressed his disapproval saying the government had not been able to make a case of how the program would aid in protecting the nation against attacks. The government held a middle position concerning the program and recommended the implementation of a less intrusive measure. Group recommendation, therefore, was the disapproval of the government holding the telephone metadata and instead considered that the metadata was better held by a private party or private third party, where information would be obtained using a court order (Adam &Michael 3). The disparity however between the views held by the two judges however continue and in the end, Judge Pauley attributes the frustrations in unchanged technological changes to those in a customer relationship with the telecommunication providers that have remained unchanged since 1979 (Adam & Michael 4).

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