Business homework help. For this 2-part task, you will create the introduction for this proposal and provide a level setting of the 3 supply chain flows within the company you have chosen. Describe the flows and how they are connected and interrelated.Part 1Create Section 1 of your Supply Chain Process Improvement Proposal: Company Profile.Introduce the company you have chosen for this project. Include a level-setting summary of the company that you have chosen to use as the subject of your Key Assignment.Part 2Create Section 2 of your Supply Chain Process Improvement Proposal: Supply Chain Management Flows.Describe the following 3 flows within supply chain management in the organization you have selected: Information Financial Product or service From your research, describe how you would improve the 3 flows for your chosen company.Your instructor will provide feedback. Use this feedback to improve your plan to prepare your final Supply Chain Process Improvement Proposal.Please submit your assignment.

Business homework help