Business homework help. Contextualise your answer by providing examples to a specific organisation ( either your workplace, a workplace you have access to or a simulated workplace) In doing so, outline how you evaluated and identified any leadership challenges and specify the recommendation to address those challenges. This includes developing a plan to effectively encourage the team to work together, share tasks, communicate and work positively to resolve specific workplace and leadership issues.Present report using the following suggested outline. Ensure that it is well structured and each section is explicitly analysed in relation to the literature and research. Identify and describe the industry you work in ( eg; healthcare – nursing , mining, education etc. ) Identify and describe the current practices around the identification of leadership skills required and the strategies adopted to develop leadership capacity in staff. ( You could consider consulting with your HR section.)Reflect on your leadership development and identify what processes and experiences have aided the development of your leadership capacity.Conduct some informal research with colleagues to identify how they would like to develop their leadership capacity and report on your findings.Relate your discussion to one or more of leadership frameworks you have studied.Develop an action plan for the development of leadership capacity within your staff.( Included in this action plan will be strategies adopted to engage staff and overcome obstacles.)In the development of the above part you would like to consider the following: What can you do (as a leader) to address the key issues of the future?What do you anticipate your workplace to be in 2020 and beyond?What will be the necessary skill set for leaders of the future?How can you develop these leadership skills in your staff?

Business homework help