Business homework help. Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Invasive Marine Animal: Green Crab. This essay stresses that local governments should enact policies that prohibit the transfer of shellfish and between different habitats. The populations of green crabs can be reduced by sustained trapping efforts. Trapping has been noted to significantly reduce green crab populations and hence reduce their impact on marine ecosystems. Marine agencies should undertake regular monitoring of shores to detect any invasion of green crabs, which can help in early mitigation.This paper makes a conclusion that an invasive species is an organism that encroaches on an ecosystem and adversely affects the environment, other organism, the economy, and the human population. Invasive marine animals reproduce and thrive in the new marine ecosystem and affect other species, threaten diversity and disrupt human activities. The green crab is a native of the European and North African shores bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea. Green crabs are omnivorous predators that feed on a wide variety of animal and plant species. Green crabs are introduced into non-indigenous through natural means and human activities. Green crabs are able to occupy diverse marine habitats because of their feeding habits and ability to tolerate an extensive range of climatic conditions. Green crabs reduce the populations of other organisms, disrupt food chains, spread parasites, reduce food supplies, and cause financial losses. Green crabs can be controlled through methods such as traps, fences, pesticides and biological control methods.

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