Biology homework help. I need help answering these three questions. I know that question two is already bubbled in, but I don’t think this is correct. 2.(05.05 MC) The ?eld of genetic engineering in biotechnology has exciting potential for disease treatment but also raises some serious concerns. Which of the following is a valid ethical concern that a biotechnology researcher should consider? (2 points)A What, if any, research in genetic engineering should be banned?A Will this research be published in a scienti?c journal? A Will the hypothesis of this experiment be correct? A Are there other scientists who will disagree with my work? 3.(0505 MC) Which of the following are effective strategies that are used in biotechnology to solve a problem? (2 poinis) 1. Genetic engineering11. BiomimicryIII. Biopiracy A I only 0 [I only A I and [I only A 1,11, and III 4.(0505 MC) Considering the impacts and bene?ts of applying environmental biotechnology to clean polluted water systems, which of the following describes the most likely impact? (2 points) A It may introduce new bacteria to the system.A It may introduce harsh chemicals to the water.A It may be an alternate way to clean oil spills. A It may be harmful to sewage treatment plants.

Biology homework help