Biology homework help. I will pay for the following essay Mangment 3000. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is an important tool to assess the needs of the people.II. Providing adequate opportunity to the individual for showcasing his/her abilities, so that the individual is able to contribute to the best of his/ her ability towards the completion of the task and growth of the company.I consider the ‘recognition’ and ‘career development opportunities’ as the most valuable ones. If someone is able to accomplish the assigned task in a satisfactory manner and the management gives it due recognition, the manager personally congratulates the individual, then it proves quite helpful in boosting the motivational levels of the person. If such testimonials are followed by promotional opportunities, then it works wonders for the individual, the team, and of course the company. If the manager is aware about my preferences for doing good work, and he gives due consideration to my needs, this will certainly help in improving the interpersonal communication and mutual respect between employees and managers.My dominant needs are safety needs and self esteem needs. While working for the company having a decent pay package with reasonable assurance of job security results in boosting the self confidence of the individual. This in turn reflects on the manner in which the individual tries to implement the strategies and jobs assigned to him. Self respect is another key attribute which works up to the advantage of the worker. Nobody likes to work for the company if he is treated in a denigrating manner.These needs certainly help while functioning in a group. If we accord due respect to every team member, we are bound to get equal respect from each team member. This brings up the required team spirit for effective functioning of the group. It is worthwhile here to mention that a team is also composed of people with differing abilities, qualification and motivation levels. A cohesive team of highly motivated and

Biology homework help