Biology homework help. Compose a 500 words assignment on why i want to study in suny empire state college. Needs to be plagiarism free! Growing up in a difficult background has created a passion within myself that has called me to study within the field of psychology. By obtaining a degree within this field, I can learn how to professionally understand, assist and inspire others that they too can not only graduate high school, but also go on to higher education and pursue more than what their background may have predetermined for them. I feel that SUNY Empire State College is the perfect fit for my personal, academic and professional goals and aspirations. During my academic tenure with the college, I intend to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development. My interests lie in the field psychology and I feel that the college’s program will not only provide me a solid foundation but also provide me with the practical application of valuable skills and knowledge that will be important when I graduate and begin my professional career. Upon graduation, I intend to continue with my education and pursue a master’s degree and then eventually a Ph.D.Specifically, I want to attend SUNY Empire State College because of its fine reputation as a top-rated college within the SUNY system and within New York. It has a strong reputation for having high academic standards and its programs and degree programs are accredited. I am very impressed by the flexible class formats and I am attracted to the interactive instructors and professors. The student to professor ratio is another reason why I feel that this university is a good fit for me. In addition, I find the availability of resources for academic assistance unmatched in comparison with other universities and colleges. SUNY Empire State College cannot only benefit me, but I can bring a lot to the university as well. Because I grew up in a difficult background, I can relate to the people I wish to help in my professional career. Through sharing my personal experiences, it will provide insight, inspiration and learning experiences to my peers and colleagues. As a single mother, it has led me to be extremely organized and detail oriented. Having these qualities has set me up for success as a college student and a professional. Throughout my high school career, I had several leadership roles that have made me ready for the next level of education and professional development. I was involved in several leadership positions, one being the secretary of the student body. During this experience, the cabinet of our student body was invited to attend a leadership conference in Washington D.C., where we got to meet councils from other small schools and discuss issues and concerns and how we, the leaders of our respective schools, could bring solutions and set examples for the others.During my tenure at my high school, I also devoted two years to the Inter-school Council (ISC) as both President and Vice-President. The goal and purpose of the ISC was to pool the resources of our small school, with other surrounding small schools, so that we could have combined events such as proms, sporting events and other extra curricula activities. The combination of all of my leadership experiences has provided me with valuable skills on how to not only be an excellent role model but also on how to make big things happen with small amounts of resources. I feel the combination of my academic and personal experiences will make me an excellent candidate for the Bachelor of Science in Human Develop at SUNY Empire State College. I will not only maintain academic excellence and be a positive influence on my peers and colleagues, but I will also set forth my passion to help and assist other from the tools given to me through my education within the university.

Biology homework help