Biology homework help. Write 12 pages with APA style on Monitoring and assessment in Modern Foreign Languages/ Assessment for learning in Modern foreign languages (French) in the Secondary School. Second language teaching is very challenging for language teachers as it requires the teacher to ensure the effective adoption of the four language skills in every student that is not easy at certain points. Adequate methodological procedures, therefore, need to be put in place to ensure that language teaching and learning is effective and students beneficial. In conjunction with this need, effective assessment techniques have to put in place by language teachers to ensure that the most relevant and compatible teaching and learning methodologies are used in the teaching process. This can be determined by looking at the extent of achievements of the intended goals and objectives set by the teacher prior to the teaching session.In regard to these demands, students centered approaches have been adopted by most teachers in language teaching ensuring the effective and adequate participation of each student in the language learning process. Such methodologies tend to encourage students to positively participate in the learning process as well as enjoying the learning process. Bigelow, Ranney, & Dahlman, (2006) assessment of the effectiveness of language teaching and learning using the students centered approaches has indicated positive results with most learning and teaching objectives adequately achieved at the end of the teaching process. The method of assessment adopted by an individual teacher is determined by the subject area as well as the teaching outcomes intended for evaluation. The information generated from the assessment reports help the teacher in gauging themselves amidst the class set objectives and the teaching methodologies employed at every level of our teaching career. Evaluation, therefore, forms the central part in the teaching profession as it acts as the lamp light for teachers to ensure that their objectives are being achieved in line with the students’ expected targets.

Biology homework help