Biology homework help. You will prepare and submit a term paper on Is One Experience Enough. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. The American population is a mixture of different people from all over the world, the country thus enjoys a rich cultural background, thus capable of accommodating any other new citizen as the essay below posits.The U. S is among the countries with one of the most liberal structures in the world. The county has a vigilant civil group that monitors and criticizes the activities of the government with the view of creating a constitutional environment. This way, the pressure groups ensure that the country maintains a high level of constitutionalism and the government respects and safeguards the interests and rights of every citizen. The American constitution protects the rights of every citizen from whichever background. The country is among the first countries to protect the rights and privileges of the gays and lesbians. The controversial move to embrace the sexually misconstrued group sought to offer a liberal society in which everyone enjoys a degree of freedom regardless of their sexual orientations.Several nations globally do not recognize the group, in fact some countries both in the developed and developing economies still shuns the rare sexual connotations thus compelling the homosexuals to live in fear and secrecy. With the view of respecting and protecting human integrity, the American government through its vigilant citizenship and dynamic constitutionalism sought to incorporate the rights and privileges of every citizen including the homosexuals. Currently, the country is a safe haven for thousands of homosexuals from different countries through out of such countries due to the unnatural nature of their sexual orientation. The American society does not consider the sexuality among other personal issues of an individual. people in the society interact on personal levels without the investigation of private issues.

Biology homework help