Biology homework help. Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Observation Grid & Assertions.The failure in his relationships, especially with Natalie, can be considered to be an aspect of social conflict where, although he is well intentioned, he utterly fails in when he chooses to leave Natalie and gets beaten up as a result. Ted is seen to be extremely vulnerable in the way that he handles his love life as seen through his tendency to rely on his friends in order to get dates or to help him find his ‘One’. Furthermore, as a hopeless romantic, he is an individual who believes in ideals which do not exist in real life hence his ending up alone despite having numerous opportunities to make his romantic life worthwhile. Human beings are social animals who need one another in order to feel comfortable in their environment and this is the reason why they often form societies (Ebstein, et al, 2010). This is exemplified through the development of a friendship between Ted, Marshal, Robin, Barney, and Lily. It is this circle of friends which help Ted through the various crises that he goes through as he attempts to find a companion with whom to share the rest of his life.The analysis of observation data was conducted through the development of an objective view of the subject within the series, namely Ted. This individual’s life in the episodes dealt with above is analyzed through an approach that seeks to show him in the context of his social life. Through the development of an understanding of his character as well as the different ways through which the environment around him, especially his friends, work, and the places where he spends his time, affects him. His attempts to develop relationships with three women are carefully studied in order to develop a better understanding of the way his own character might be at fault for being a failure in having the stable relationships that he desires. Moreover, in making the assumptions, it was also essential to study the influence that Ted’s friends have on him (Ebstein,

Biology homework help