Biology homework help. Write a 5 pages paper on the difference between becoming american and becoming ethnic. I can trace my family to my eighth great grandfather. Since my family is Arab, the Arab language still prevails and colors of Arabic traditions and cultures are seen in my way of living. An Arab heritage means a diversity of people, nationalities and religions expressed through a single Arabic language.My family traditions have always been my area of interest that I often used to discuss with my paternal grandmother. She has told me about how my ancestors had lived and the great cultural heritage I possess as an Arab. Since my ancestors were Arabs they were Muslims and held a very strong Muslim culture. My grandmother also told me that my great grandfather moved from Yemen to Saudi Arabia for about 70 years ago. I’ve moved to America for my higher education and am an International student in the American society. When I shifted to America I faced the differences in language, cultural values and religion, despite of all the differences I tried to be assimilated in the American culture and worked for the progress of the American economy.Being an Arab the cultural and religious differences have been vast between me and American society. Being a Muslim in America is a different experience. Islam is a mosaic of many racial and national groups in America. Like most of the Muslims in America, I tried to assimilate in the American culture along with preserving my religious and cultural values. Due to the bitter historical relationships between Islam and America, which are the results of the Crusades and European colonialism and the 9/11 event, the American society finds it difficult to incorporate a Muslim in its society. Nevertheless, I have balanced experiences regarding the matter. Due to my affiliation with the educated class of society, I am seen with much respect and a broader mind. I am not seen as a ‘terrorist’ in general, however, most people do stereotype Muslims as terrorists, and much racism is also seen in many classes of American society like Puwat Charukamnoetkanok&nbsp.faced racism and difficulties in being accepted by the American society in the Dublin book ( Dublin. 222).&nbsp.

Biology homework help