In each of the following independent situations, determine the taxpayer’s filing status and the number of personal and dependency exemptions the taxpayer
is allowed to claim.

a. Frank is single and supports his 17-year-old brother, Bill. Bill earned $3,000 and did not live with Frank.

b. Geneva and her spouse reside with their son, Steve, who is a 20-year-old undergraduate student at State University. Steve earned $13,100 at a part-time
summer job, but he deposited this money in a savings account for graduate school. Geneva paid all of the $12,000 cost of supporting Steve.

c. Hamish’s spouse died last year, and Hamish has not remarried. Hamish supports his father Reggie, age 78, who lives in a nursing home and had interest
income this year of $2,500.

d. Irene is married but has not seen her spouse since February. She supports her spouse’s 18-year-old child Dolores, who lives with Irene. Dolores earned
$4,500 this year.

e. Assume the same facts as in part d. Also assume that Craig is Irene’s husband. Craig supports his 12-year-old son Ethan, who lives with Craig. Ethan did
not earn any income.