Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help. 1. components of American foreign policy.2. influence on foreign policy 3. foreign commitments.4. plays a larger role in American foreign policy 5. warned Americans against too much involvement with foreign nations?6. based on the geographic distance of the United States from other countries.7. Cold War begin8. wars in Korea and Vietnam9. the policy of deterrence 10. The fall of the Soviet Union.11. elements of a nation-state.12. policy of deterrence?13. The policy of striking a nation that you fear 14. the “least dangerous branch”?15. Which of the following is the essence of the rule of law?16. government always the plaintiff?17. suit against a corporation for breaking a contract18. The party that brings a complaint in court 19. courts to follow authoritative prior decisions when ruling on a case.20. The phrase stare decisis means21. a trial involving public law?22. Prior cases whose principles are used by judges to decide current cases are called23. a supreme court is best described as a(n) __________ court.24. When a case is resolved through a negotiated agreement 25. court cases in the United States are heard in federal courts26. When the government’s goals are embodied in a law or an order, 27. Public policy.28. major goal of the government’s involvement in the economy?29. the relationship between government and capitalism is false?30. goal of governmental intervention in the economy?31. prefer Congress to regulate the economy?32. AT&T existed as a(n)33. sued by the federal government for monopoly practices?34. supplied by the government 35. best example of a public good?36. total output of goods and services produced in a national economy 37. driving force for the economic growth 38. government affects personal and corporate investments?39. a goal of American social policy?40. The goals of American social policy are41. The goals of social policy 42. caring for the poor during the nineteenth century?43. When did the American welfare state begin?44. primary problem with private charities 45. first to receive government assistance throughout the United States?46. example of nineteenth-century “indoor relief”?47. Great Depression change American attitudes 48 Social Security established?49. Social Security is a good example 50. Medicare established?

Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help