Anthropology homework help. You will prepare and submit a term paper on Is Pornography Ethical. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. “Pornography can be defined as the explicit depiction of men, women, and/or children in degrading sexual contexts.” (Ingram and Parks, 2002, p.304) – Pornography is related to sex and sexual desires of men and women. It is made with the purpose of providing them with sexual pleasure. And anything that is joyful and pleasurable comes under the category of ‘Art and Aesthetics’, sexual or otherwise. Since primitive times, art has been allotted a distinct position in our society, always with the sacred aim of entertaining people. But many social thinkers, activists, and feminists will raise their brows in anger and disgust if pornography is considered as an art. Only because it deals with the inhibited and secret sexual desires of men, pornography cannot be considered as art? Obviously the answer lies in the question itself. From childhood, a person is taught to look upon sex as a thing to abhor and not to talk about explicitly. Whatever question or doubt arises in his mind about this primal man-woman relationship, he learns to suppress them out of fear of being marked as ‘perverted’ in his social surroundings. Most of us sometimes grow up with the notion that “pornography or any directly arousing material is somehow bad and wrong and that we shouldn’t even want to look at it.” (Scarleteen, ‘Looking, Lusting and Learning: A Straightforward Look at Pornography’, n.d.). The Indian culture is very discouraging about sex and anything related to it. The habit of feeling guilty if talked or thought about sex is inculcated from childhood. But if the society teaches a person to develop a healthy attitude towards sex from the early days of his life then sex and pornography will appear to him in a totally different light than what he is made to see. Whether pornography is morally ethical or not depends a lot on the level of sexual behavior of a particular society and age.&nbsp.

Anthropology homework help