Anthropology homework help. The final reaction paper includes two parts:Part APart A includes units 8, 9, and 10. Select one topic per unit. NOTE: Your professor could select the topics instead.Your chosen topics must relate directly to the course materials.After you have chosen your topics for units 8, 9, and 10, develop your reflection by asking yourself the following questions for each unit/topic: topics are;  disorder, gender problems, and difference, industrial)a. Why is the topic relevant to you?b. What was new to you about the topic?c. Do you disagree with the author? Why?d. Do you agree with the author? Why?e. Describe an experience that you or a friend of yours has had that directly relates to the topic. How does it relate?Part BPart B of your final reaction paper offers you the opportunity to develop your critical thinking by exploring the possible relationships among apparently unrelated topics.1. From the 10 main themes of the course, select three to analyze more closely using the following framework:2. Based on the framework above, answer the following questions:a. What relationship can you identify between theme A and theme B?b. What relationship can you identify between theme B and theme C?c. What relationship can you identify between theme C and theme A?d. What relationship can you establish among the three themes (A, B, and C)?e. Is this relationship that you have established in agreement or in disagreement with what was discussed throughout the course? Why?f. Describe the idea/evidence in the course theme that you are questioning. Indicate why you agree or disagree with it. What kinds of evidence, experiences, or thoughts lead you to agree or disagree?g. Based on the relationship that you have established among the three themes selected,Ask yourself: How could this idea/evidence be used in your own personal or professional life? Make sure to be as specific as possible when discussing how you could apply this idea/evidence to your life.Submission Requirements: Follow the APA style, and format your document according to submission guidelines.Format: Title Page/Body/Reference ListFont: Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spacedHeadings: Appropriate use of levels of headings and page numbersLength: 2500 words (plus or minus 100 words) Resources: In addition to the text, you must also use a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals. Additionally, you can use credible newspapers, websites, and magazines as sources. You must properly cite all the sources you use in APA style (author-date) and include a reference page at the end, properly formatted in APA style. Your reference page should include only sources that you cite within your paper.Your reflection papers must be properly edited and proofread.

Anthropology homework help