Question 15                          0 / 1 point

According to the UMUC Academic Levels of Progress policy, the only criterion for academic probation is a student’s GPA falling below 3.0.

  1. a) True
  2. b) False

Question 16                          0 / 1 point

As a graduate student at UMUC, you are expected to be an independent learner. This means that you __________.

  1. a) critically analyze information presented to you
  2. b) actively engage in the opportunity to master the subject area of your chosen discipline
  3. c) spend a lot of time learning on your own time, outside of class
  4. d) all of the above

Question 17                          1 / 1 point

You are writing a paper on firearms in the workplace and you find some statistics on the National Rifle Association site ( What is the best strategy to apply if you want to use those statistics in your paper?

  1. a) You shouldn’t use the statistics at all because they come from the free Web.
  2. b) Check the statistics against other sources before you use them because they may be biased.
  3. c) Use the statistics because they support your thesis statement and the National Rifle Association is well-known.
  4. d) none of the above