Instructions Part I – Biographic Information Communicate what you’d like your instructor to know about you.   Part II – Connect to the Material We’ll Address This Semester Review the topics we will cover this semester. Choose from the following 2 options: Ask yourself: Have you or someone you know personally had an experience associated with one of the topics we’ll address this semester? Briefly explain the situation and offer your opinion on the situation or outcome. Choose a topic of interest associated with course content. Engage in a web search about the topic. Briefly explain why you chose the topic and your reaction to the material you found online about the topic. The assignment should be 500 words or less.   Expectations Indication of excellence: Part I: Content of introduction is clear. (5 points – 5%) Part II: High quality explanation of experience associated with a course topic. Content must be associated with one of the topics addressed in the course. (45 points – 65%) Opinion Statement: Opinion statements on chosen topic indicates a high level of reflection and critical thought. (20 points – 30%) The topic that i choose is: National Origin Discrimination