Based on your research of our district, prepare a 5-7 minute presentation with a handout that outlines your plan for orienting, onboarding, and launching yourself as the new Salem-Keizer Public Schools Security Manager during your first 90-days. If you are planning on giving an electronic presentation, please bring a flash drive with your presentation saved to it. Please note, handouts are required, however an electronic version is not. Please prepare as many as 20 handouts. Safety and Risk Management Services is unique among Oregon school districts in that we encompass more than just traditional security. The department is also responsible for: ·  Self-insured Liability and Workers Compensation programs ·  Environmental health and safety ·  Emergency Management and Incident Command ·  Threat response and management ·  Responding to Violence and Crisis in Schools ·  Bridge building, collaborating, and silo deconstruction within our many district departments ·  Customer service ·  Engaging the district staff, community, and student body to address and problem-solve issues of cultural bias, equity, and the perception of a school to prison pipeline All of this is done with our continued excellence in Customer Service.