There are many social problems  that impact our society, and on a larger scale, our world. As a human services  professional, you need to develop a greater sense of awareness of these social  problems, which will better assist you to become an advocate for the people for  whom you serve. For this part of your project,  you will select one social problem and develop a basic analysis of the problem. Part 1: Choose a Social Problem Choose a social problem that impacts Human Services and our  society. This will be the topic that you will use for your Social Problems  Project. (Drug Abuse) Locate two (2) credible resources addressing the chosen social  problem.  You can use your textbook, credible  websites, articles, etc. One must be a resource located through the Rasmussen  Library databases.  Part 2: Reflect In a minimum of two-pages (not counting the title page and  reference page) address the following: Explain the type of social problem chosen (and sub-problems). Identify the scope of the problem at your local level       and how it affects the United States at the global level. Incorporate two (2) credible resources to examine       relevant facts and information about the chosen social problem. Cite       sources used.