Assignment Instructions 6-8 page Paper Assignment overview and directions: You are providing an overview of week 1-7. Each chapter should be talked about in about a page to a page and half in length. This should be the format of your Paper: 1) Introduction should BRIEFLY tell your reader what you will discuss in the paper 2) Second page through 6th to 8th page should explain: What were the most interesting aspects of each week (Each week should be written in a separate page to a page and a half).  Then, find specific material that relates to EACH WEEK by researching our library and tell me how the material relates our text and why it would be important to understand. This should give you about 5-7 pages of solid content. 3) You should then end your paper with a conclusion about what you have written and tell me how this material will help YOU LEAD Resources:   Cutler, A. (2014) Leadership Psychology: How the BEST Leaders Inspire Their People London, GBR Kogan Page Publishing  Storey, J. (2011). Leadership in Organizations : Current Issues and Key Trends. New York, NY: Routledge. Wu, B (2013) New Theory on Leadership Management Science. Oxford, GBR: Biohealthcare Publishing